Dream Hunt XVI

Sunny Paint Studio



Welcome to my web-site and to my world as it is today!—an exciting world in which I feel privileged to have the time, the means and the opportunity “to make art” and to share it with others.

Upon retirement from teaching, the first thing I did was to sign up for a watercolor class and I have been painting ever since. Painting has changed my life. My senses continue to sharpen, to heighten, to deepen. I see possibilities for paintings almost everywhere I look,  being acutely aware of shape, color, composition, the unusual, of life being lived. It engrosses me to the point where I often lose track of time and my daily responsibilities. Time soars by—so much to try, so much to do, so much to learn! And how fortunate we are who realize that, for we find life truly exciting!

I am stimulated by so many things that at times I struggle to maintain a focus.

My paintings reflect my broad range of interests in the variety of materials and techniques that I use, the subjects I address, and the different styles I paint in,  ranging from the representational to the non-objective. I do try and paint in series,  but allow myself to enjoy painting what I am inspired by in the moment.  Whatever genre or style I find myself in, I relish the challenge of solving the compositional and other concerns that arise,—equating the process to solving a puzzle.


Watercolor and Mixed Media Artist